Pay Electricity / Water Bill Online
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* In case of payments received in addition to the bill amount due to any technical reason or otherwise, due credit for excess payment thus made will be afforded to the customer in the subsequent bill raised on him. Hence, no charge back claim shall be entertained.
* No part payment shall be allowed on credit/debit card online payments.
* If the transaction is not settled on the day of transaction, the transaction would be treated as FAILED at the NDMC's end and the amount would be refunded in Consumer's accounts through service provider/Bank.
* The payments through credit/debit cards should, therefore, be made atleast 3 days before due date so as to avoid levy of late payment surcharge.
* No charges/processing fees shall be charged for payment made for electricity bills up to a limit of Rs 5000 during one billing cycle.
* For payments above Rs 5000 the processing fees/charges shall be collected directly by the credit card company/Payment Gateway/ Bank etc. from the consumer.
* Making online payment through same credit/debit card are allowed for five contract account nos (CA nos) during one billing cycle.
* There is no payment limit for making payment through Net Banking option. No processing fees/charges shall be collected by Payment Gateway/ Bank etc. on such payment from the consumer.
* While making payment through Net Banking Aggregator a fee of Rs 3.50 plus service tax, irrespective of the bill amount, is charged by the sevice provider/Bank directly from the consumer.
* In case you get a transaction failure message and the amount gets debited from your bank account. Kindly check the E-receipt of the payment on NDMC website after 24 hours for confirmation of payment. In case the payment is still not updated, please lodge your complaint through a link Complaint/Grievances provided on the home page of NDMC website.